Saturday, June 23, 2007

I'm Back and confessions of a blogging hypocrite

In March, I turned 30. We don't have any pictures, though. I was in Bloomington, IL at a Hearts at Home conference with some friends from Springfield. Rachel (my best friend from college) went as well, which made for a GREAT birthday!!!

In April, John turned 30. Here he is getting some love from Mikayla on his Birthday!

In late April/early May, we went camping near St. Louis. Here's a picture of the fam. We did "wimp out" a bit and stayed in a cabin instead of a tent. The cabin was "rustic", no water, restrooms, kitchen, just a structure with beds. It turned out to be a GREAT decision to stay in the cabin because it rained the entire time! It was WONDERFUL to return to our campsite and not have to worry about our bedding being wet!

Logan turned 4, while on our camping trip. Here is his birthday pancake for breakfast. We also went to the Science center in St. Louis for his birthday. They were having a Super Heroes exhibit, where kids could explore the science behind the Super Heroes "powers". The boys LOVED IT!!!

We went to the Zoo our last day there. It was nice to go see some unique zoo animals. We have a small zoo in Springfield, but there are not elephants, giraffes, zebras, etc . . . there is a wolverine here though, I guess that counts for something.

Confession: When I check your blog and you haven't posted I get frustrated with you. Does it get any more hypocritical than that?

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