Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back in the 'Nati again!

We spent the weekend in Cincinnati and had a WONDERFUL time seeing everyone! It was emotion-ful, but in a very good kind of way. So much of us are there. One time Dave Faust said that there are two church that cause him to weap when he thinks of them and one was UCC. At the time I didn't resonate with what he was really saying, now I do. I LOVE the ministry there. We stayed with Scott and Ann Ellis, who are still tirelessly serving Christ in everything they do. Saturday morning we stopped in at Rohs Street before rehearsal lunch, and got to catch up with several people. Then at rehearsal lunch we to reconnect with students, who were such much a part of our lives! Brad and Sarah Bowman and their children, Ivan and Henry, shared dinner with us on Saturday night. Then Sunday morning we met with Rob and Kristen Sloan at Panera and let the kids play on some green space outside. It was a special time to be back at UCC for Sunday morning service. It many ways it seems like we haven't left, until we look at the kids and see how much they've changed!!! Troy and Amanda had us over for a very quick lunch before we had to run to get to the wedding! I wasn't sure how it would be to go back, but after being back I can't wait to return for a longer visit! We'll be back for the Missionary convention being hosted this fall where we can hopefully connect with people we didn't get to see during this whirlwind trip!

I have more pictures but blogger's pictures thing isn't working! They'll be up soon!

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Amanda said...

Hey Shannon! Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. (I'm guessing it was you even though it said "John".) It really does bond you with other moms when you know everyone's been through the same stuff! And the little "interrupting" story was hilarious! I would love those recipes. My email is my first name, the letter "k", then my last name at yahoo. I look forward to hearing from you!