Wednesday, September 5, 2007

John and I concluded that we are getting old. We can't handle the rides anymore! We went on "The Joker" and I had to close my eyes and breath deep to avoid tasting my lunch for the second time!

Luke loved the ride though and wanted to go on again! John was a trooper and rode with Luke, on the back of the boat!!

We went on the mine train, a "non-upside down" roller coaster. This is the last smile Logan had on this ride.

Mikayla noticed a lady sweeping up leaves. So, she decided to help. She went around and picked up leaves and handed them to her to put into her dustpan on a pole.


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Brandon said...

That's funny because I have noticed the same thing - rides used to not bother me at all. Now I feel sick, especially on ones that spin.

Love the pictures! It was great seeing you guys at Tommy and Stephanie's wedding.