Monday, October 15, 2007

More birthday pictures

(Disclaimer: I can NEVER post pictures in the right order. The "3rd" birthday post is really the first one, then this one, then the middle one. So, if reading in order is important to you, scroll down then come back up to read the next 2.)

After the kids all arrived they entered our "Super Hero Training Center". They had to complete 3 skills, Agility, Endurance and Accuracy.

For Agility we dropped these balloons down from the ceiling on long strings and they had to run through them without hitting any "lava" filled balloons.

Endurance: John ran them hard! They jumped, squatted and ran. They also had to balance this box (as heavy as a locomotive!) over their heads!

Accuracy (no pictures) they shot silly string at a mural of evil villans that Luke and Logan had designed before the party.

(Poor Logan, he was starting to get a fever, which he is home with today and is currently sleeping in his bed)

Super Luke turns 6!!!


gretchen lee said...

What a cute idea!! I can't believe it's possible for you to have a child turning six!!

Mary Sue said...

You are WAY too creative. Has it really been that long?

Shannon said...

Thank you Gretchen and Mary Sue, but I can't really take credit, the idea was 99% inspired by ideas I found online with a few minor additions. For example, John came up with "Diaper Man" all on his own, imagine that!!!