Thursday, January 17, 2008

No More Babies????

Well, Mikayla turned 2 on January 6th. Since then she truly has grown up! She now sleeps in her toddler bed AND is potty trained!!! I can't believe she really "got it". I was not good an potty training the boys, but I do know that one reason was that I was never really ready to "bite the bullet" and switch to underwear, confine myself to my house, and be prepare to do LOTS of laundry. Day 1, went as expected, a few successes, that were credited to mom, not Mikayla, and LOTS of accidents. Day 2 went even better, around 50/50. Day 3 she initiated going potty 4 times in the morning!!! Day 4, the novelty has worn off and when asked if she was ready to go potty she screamed, "NO!". Day 5, not very successful again! I was ready to GIVE UP! But, my mom talked me into trying for 1 more week and I am so glad she did!!! By day 7 she "got it"! And this week we have been to stores, mom's group, church and been dry!!! We've had a few accidents, all were mostly my fault! When she sleeps in her toddler bed I close her door. UH-Oh! When she has to go, she can't get out! I now leave her door cracked open to avoid those messes. So here are a few pictures to enjoy from her 2nd Birthday and her "Big Girl" bed.

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