Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1 benefit of having sick kids

I guess one benefit of having sick kids and being stuck at home for the 11th day in a row, my blogging activity has increased. Below are 2 pictures that further illustrate parenting a 2 year old. These pictures were taken only moments apart. The first one was taken right after I had prevented her from stepping over a lamp cord, that she was going to trip over. She did NOT like being redirected. The 2nd was taken just moments later. Boy, they know how to lay it on thick when they want to don't they?

Funny Logan story. He ran up to me and said,
"Mom, I have to show you something on "Neighbor Aber Robbershood!"
"On what?" I asked.
"Neighbor Aber Robbershood!"
"Say that again?"
"Neighbor, Aber, augghhh! Neighbor, auggghhhh! Neighbor, what's it called again mom?"
"Mister Rogers . . . "
"Neighborhood, yeah that's it."

1 more Logan story: Yesterday as we were sitting on the couch he was touching my hair and he turns to me and says (in his serious Logan way),
"Mom, your hair is like Persian."
"Yes, you hair is like Persian."
"Persian. What does that mean"
"I don't know.'
Then when I was getting Mikayla ready for bed he was standing by me, again playing with my hair (he's a very affectionate child) and says,
"Mom, your hair is like nectar."
"What? My hair is like nectar? What is that? What is nectar?"
Luke then interjected, "Nectar is what bees gather from flowers to make honey."
Both conversations were so funny to me. I was laughing so hard when I was trying to tell them to John last night.

Maybe I'll take a vote, what do you say? Persian or nectar?


Sara said...

Could your kids be any cuter!? They are a perfect mix between you and John :)

Thanks for the birthday wish! I'm so glad to hear from you. Jon & I are doing well, loving life...not loving the weather! I'm so ready for spring!

Hope you guys are well!

Bob said...

Homer Simpson: "Mmmmmmmm......persian nectar......."

Bill Allison said...

Your dad put me on to your blog... love it! Of course, what do you expect from a guy with six kids!

See you and John... and your team... on Saturday at Cadre's Ministry Is Relationships training... I hope!