Sunday, March 9, 2008

Good news, and not so good news

Good news: Everyone in my family (John, Luke, Logan, Mikayla, and myself) all appear to show no signs of sickness! This week I hope we can return to our "normal" routine.
Not so good news: My aunt (my moms sister) had a heart attack last week which was followed by a quadruple bypass open heart surgery.
Good news: She is doing much better and went home today (Sunday)
Not so good news: My mom fell on Saturday, bashed up her face pretty bad and broke her wrist.
Good news: She did not break her cheek bone, and doesn't need surgery for her broken wrist.
Not so good news: She broke her glasses and has to get a cast put on by the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.
Good News: She has some extra glasses to get her by in the meantime.
GOOD NEWS: this weekend is Hearts at Home and I can't wait to get away for the weekend and have some FUN!!!

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