Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This past weekend I got to attend my 2nd Hearts at Home conference. If you've never heard of Hearts at Home, it is a conference designed just for moms! If you are a mom you need to attend this conference next year. So many times we moms lose our perspective and forget the value of what we do, day in and day out. Going to this conference, surrounded by thousands of other moms, you feel validated and affirmed in everything you do. From wiping noses and bottoms, to cleaning house, to supporting our husbands, we are encouraged and thanked for all our hard work. Hard work that is so often unappreciated. And my mommy tank was refilled just in time, because I returned home to more sickness. Will this winter ever end?!?! Logan has stomach flu, croup, and a very high fever. Mikayla has diarrhea and a slight fever. So being reaffirmed in my wiping duties could not have been more timely! I've wiped up all sorts of bodily fluid. And thanks to Hearts I can hear voices of kindred spirits cheering me on, "WAY TO GO MOM!"
As much as I enjoy the conference, I also enjoy spending the weekend with friends. Our group went to Bloomington on Friday to shop, go out for dinner, and stay overnight in a hotel. Between the 7 of us, staying together Friday night, we had left behind 18 children! It was so nice to eat dinner, in a real restaurant, with only grown-ups! I don't know why we wait until Hearts to go out. I think we need to institute no children dinners several times a year.
Here is a link to their website the main location is in Bloomington, Il, but there are also conferences in Michigan and Minnesota as well. If you close enough to make the drive to IL I think you should come join us next year!!!!

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