Monday, March 31, 2008

SICK of it all!

We've had the respiratory flu, the stomach flu, and now Luke has strep throat! I think someone in my family has been sick every single day of this month! I thought the end of Spring Break would bring the end of the sickness in this house. But, instead of Luke returning to school, he is home with strep. On a somewhat related note, I get to have my top 2 wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow. I was trying to deny an ever increasing toothache in my upper left wisdom tooth, but if you've ever had a toothache, you know that there is a point where there is no more hiding it! I was trying so hard to fake it because I knew if John found out he would make me go to the dentist, and I am terrified of the dentist (which would explain how I ended up with a severe toothache). Well, he found out and took me to the dentist. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and in another week everyone will be well.


Bob said...

Well, here's some good news for you...NKOTB may be reuniting!

Just think about that while you're at the dnetist and you'll be just fine.

Brandon said...

Hi Shannon! We have been sick a lot too, but no toothaches! I'll be thinking of you at the dentist. I love your kid stories. Your kids say the funniest things! Take care!

Bella Rhys Designs said...

Good luck at the dentist today Shannon-just hope he doesn't pull it then say "oops wrong one-april fools!"
Hope everyone feels better soon-you sound like you just described our entire winter with I know how at the end of the rope you're feeling right now. Just think: spring! It's coming and illness will take a hike! :)