Thursday, March 20, 2008

wentz health update

Logan is doing better already. We took him to the doctor yesterday, and he had ear infections in both ears, croup, and the stomach flu. He is now on steroids and antibiotics. After just 2 doses he is walking around, talking, and even ate some breakfast! Maybe we'll all be well by Easter!

Funny moments during all this:
Yesterday I walked into his room, leaned over him in bed and said, "Hey Sickie."
"Don't call me sickie." (is his rough croupie sick voice)
"Ok, cutie."
"Don't call me cutie."
"Ok, tough guy."
"Yeah, tough guy, call me tough guy."

Tuesday night was a long night! Logan had a high fever (at least the highest any of my kids have ever had) so we had him sleep in our bed so we could keep an eye on him. We would wake up and take his temp during the night, etc. Mikayla aslo got struck with the diarrhea bug, so we spent the entire night cleaning up someone. And whenever Logan would really get coughing Mikayla would wake up. At one point I got up to use the potty myself and John said to go check and see if Mikayla was in her bed. (He must have heard something earlier in his sub-sleep state). I went in and found her bed empty. So we rushed through the house looking for her. We found her, downstairs on the couch with the TV on, with a political commentary show. She had fallen asleep sitting up. Unfortunately, we couldn't find our camera in our middle of the night haze.


gretchen lee said...

oh, so sad!! I'm hoping you'll all beat this very soon....and have your house we can come and visit!!

the colonel said...

I can totally see logan saying that.