Monday, May 19, 2008

10 things

I have been making a list of "10 things I did today", everyday for 6 whole days. Today will be day number 7 and I think in a small way, it is helping. It is much better to wind down the day making a list of accomplishments and ending on a positive note.

In other news, Logan will be graduating preschool on Wednesday. Although Logan has friend's in his class, he is handling moving on much better than Luke. Luke is so social and LOVED his preschool friends so much. It took months before we could even drive by the building without Luke crying because his preschool friends weren't there anymore. Today was Logan's official last day and he is completely content to be moving on. Next year I won't have any kids in preschool, because Mikayla isn't quite old enough yet. How strange it will be to have only 1 child at home during the day. Luke will be done with school the first week of June. I am really looking forward to summer and a new summer schedule with the kids home! Well, it's off to get Luke from school then go to swimming and tae kwon do lessons.

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