Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back in Business

After joining Facebook, I have completely neglected my blog. But, I went to a conference for moms last weekend and decided that I would like to return to blogging as a journal for what is going on in my family's life. For all those times when someone reminds me, "You need to write that down, or you're going to forget it!", here's my attempt.

I don't know if today is the "best" day to return to recording the daily events of the Wentz family, but regardless, it's how our morning started :)

This morning, after setting the boys down with their breakfasts, Luke was having oatmeal, and Logan was having hard boiled eggs and Irish Soda bread (from Erin), I went upstairs to finish getting ready. A few minutes later, Luke came running up to tell me Logan poured salt into his oatmeal. Ok, I said, send Logan up here. Then I explained that Logan would now eat the oatmeal that he had poured the salt in. And that he needed to eat it quickly, otherwise, he would have to eat the oatmeal in the way to school and if it wasn't finished by the time we got to school he would sit in the principal's office and finish the oatmeal. With MUCH weeping and gnashing of teeth, the oatmeal was consumed, along with lots of water. Halfway through I discover that Luke has retaliated! He has poured pepper on Logan's hard boiled egg. So, Luke in return got to eat a peppered egg. Both were eaten BEFORE we left the house, and we barely made it to school on time. (Actually we were late, but a merciful parent held the door for us).

Mikayla is currently on a 5 day antibiotic for an ear infection and a cold that has been hanging around for weeks! If she's not doing significantly better by tomorrow, we are supposed to bring her back in for a chest x-ray to rule out bronchitis. The bright side is that she is a cheery patient and actually likes going to the Dr. Go, figure!


Amanda said...

Shannon, just wanted to say it's good to see you're back! And, the "eat the food you ruined" trick is totally tucked away in the back of my mind! Got any creative solutions for whining?! That one's driving us up the walls these days! :) I look forward to keeping up with your family again! Amanda

Shannon said...

Amanda, you're my inspiration to return to blogging! I love reading your blog!

Amanda said...

Thanks Shannon! How sweet! Though, I am sure there are days where you think, "Really? Did she really need to take five paragraphs to explain that?!" :)