Wednesday, March 25, 2009


After school on Tuesday's we go to the public library. Yesterday was a rainy, cool, and very windy day. So, after picking up the boys we agreed to just return our books to the book drop and come home. The book drop is on a one-way street and when we got closer I could see police lights and 2 cop cars. Then I realized that the police cars were parked right in front of the book drop, blocking our way. I pulled into the driveway that leads to the parking garage, and parked the van. I jumped out, walked over to the book drop and deposited by books. The police were talking down a lady who was LOUDLY and dramatically going on about something. Then I noticed the library security officer watching me curiously. It didn't dawn on me to be dissuaded from returning my books, simply because 2 cop cars were blocking my way, lol! I guess our time living in the 'Nati has de-senstized me.

The 4:30 - 5:00 homework time went well on day 2. Logan is enjoying having me sit down with him while he works, so my fear of battling over homework is seemingly unnecessary.

I was very relieved that I didn't have to fix supper last night (my neighbor cooks for us on Tuesday's, we cook for them on Thursdays). I've been fighting a nasty head/chest cold and did not feel like cooking. It's especially nice to just have supper delivered on nights like this. John was at a meeting, which meant dinner without Dad. Another reason I was happy I didn't have to cook and we ate on paper plates :)The kids were telling Knock-knock jocks during dinner. I was trying to remember some to write down later, but I forgot the boys' jokes now :( I did tell them the, "banana, banana who?" joke, which led to many renditions of jokes about oranges and banana's that made no sense at all.

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Amanda said...

We had a banana/orange knock-knock joke discussion just today! (eerie, isn't it?!) Owen told it crazy, Brian corrected him, and Owen said, "I like my version better." The nonsensical version, of course!