Friday, March 20, 2009

Highlights from Thursday

Thursdays are the days when John takes off in the afternoon, to work on his paper, up in Lincoln. He usually spends the night in Lincoln and works again all day on Friday. Thursday is also the day I make supper for my family, and my neighbor's family (she makes dinner for us on Tuesday). So, This morning I dropped the boys off at school, and then headed to the grocery store. (After a brief stop at home to get my cash from my grocery envelope, since we've been Ramseyfied). I had decided to make Meatloaf for supper, because it's one of my kids favorites and I don't have to have any discussions about trying to eat it during our meal time. After hurrying, to get everything at 2 stores, I rushed home because I had a hair appointment at 11:15. My hair appointment was a follow up after a hair cut from 2 weeks ago, that I just can't style! I'm still not sure I can style it the way she did, but I also don't know if I like this new flat iron, bodiless hair trend! I spent the afternoon fixing the meatloaf and brownies for supper. It was a beautiful day (although cool enough for jackets), so I decided to walk to school to pick up the boys. Getting out the door was an adventure because Mikayla is not feeling well, but didn't take a nap. So she was crying when she couldn't find her shoes and then was determined to wear a tiara on her head, that kept falling off. By the time we finally left I had to practically RUN to school to make it on time. (And of course on my way there John called to say he was still in town and could pick up the boy if I wanted! Well, if I would have known that, I wouldn't have had to drag a crying, tiara wearing, blakie toting 3 year old out the door. Oh well, I was already on my way). After I picked up the boys, I talked with Logan's teacher, again. She told me she is still noticing some of his control tactics and is mostly concerned with his sloppiness. In an effort to correct that, she had him stay in after lunch and re-do a paper that he had not been neat with. Instead, she was concerned that he LOVED being in the room by himself and having her undivided attention. AH, the exact challenge I face when determining how to discipline him. So today we will get report cards for the 3rd quarter. I'm sure his will indicate the need to be neater. I am anxious to see the progress of both of the boys when I pick them up today!

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