Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, Monday

After I dropped the boys off at school and came home, my good friend Melisa called. Background: Melisa and her family moved to the St. Louis area last July. Their move has not gone well, and they are all desperate to move back to Springfield. So, she has been interviewing for jobs in Springfield, so that she and the kids can move back as soon as possible, her husband will move as soon as possible. She called and said she was in town for a drug test for a job she applied for and wanted to know if we could get together for lunch. She came by to pick me up, but wanted to take me out to see a duplex she was interested in. Well, boy was I in for a surprise!!! When we got there, she hit the garage door opener on her visor and the garage door went up and she said, "Welcome to our new home." She and the kids had moved up to Springfield, Sunday night and her kids were back at their old school! I was shocked, but happy for her. Over the weekend things moved at lightning speed for her family and before they even put their house on the market, had a family sign a contract to buy it! She is going to be starting a new job, and if a few other details get worked out soon, her husband will be here to join them very shortly. We went out to lunch to celebrate, and had a great time!
After I picked up the boys from school, I reminded them that we were starting a new "homework" time from 4:30-5:00. After playing with friends are a while, they came in and much to my surprise all 3 of the kids sat down with workbooks (coloring book for Mikayla) and were completely occupied for the 30 minutes! We'll see how long that lasts :)

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