Wednesday, March 25, 2009

School work samples

Writing is a big focus in school. Even in Kindergarten they have to be able to write a paragraph by the end of the year. The debatable part is that even though they have to write a paragraph, it doesn't have to be spelled right, it just has to be phonetically correct. Here is a sample from Logan's work: (it's about an activity they did in class where they measured how tall they were, in bricks) We meshrd with briks. I um 15 tool (tall). Sean was 16 bricks.

Here's a story from Luke:
One morning I went to the store. We found some realy cool things. Waile I was looking at the shirts my mom walked off. Then I noticed that my mom was gone. I felt like she just disapeared. I started to call for her. But she didn't hear me. Then I started to cry. I looked for her in the other iles, but I couldn't find her. Then I asked if he saw my mom but he said no. So I looked in the iles and I found her! I was so excided! I was so happy I started to cry. Then I went home happy. The End.

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